The Amarok network upgrade solves key challenges that end-users, routers, and developers were confronted with when interacting with the protocol. 

Amarok branch of Connext’s core implementation repo

If you're interested in contributing to the development of the system or curious about the ongoing progress of the Amarok network upgrade, check out the Amarok branch of Connext’s core implementation repo.

What is the Amarok Network Upgrade? 

Amarok is Connext’s first network upgrade. It incorporates extensive changes to Connext’s core protocol and solves several key problems end users, developers, and routers are confronted with. 

Connext names its upgrades alphabetically after mythological creatures. In the Inuit mythology, Amarok is a giant wolf. 

Amarok enables transactions that are as trust-minimized as possible. By partnering with Nomad (an optimistic bridge), Connext can utilize fully expressive, trust-minimized communication with any supported chain. This option, however, comes with a 30 minutes latency tradeoff. 

While there exists no architecture giving Connext all the desirable properties of a bridge, the modularization of the protocol stack provides a solution that comes close to the ideal outcome.

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Updated 23 Apr 2022
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